The Salitang Batangas Project aims to:
  1. develop a credible online Tagalog dictionary that contains words idiosyncratic to the province of Batangas;
  2. unearth rare and archaic words that continue to be used only in pocket communities in the outskirts of the province;
  3. involve the online community of Batangueños in the creation of the dictionary; and
  4. make the dictionary available to anyone from the global community who may be interested to know more about the depth and color of not only the Batangueño but also the language he uses to be able to communicate with others.
Depending on the response from the online community, attempts will be made to verify online submissions of Batangueño words.  As a disclaimer, however, this site makes no claims to be the sole authority on the subject of Batangueño words; neither does it claim that the content contained herein is hard enough fact to be used in academic exercises.