This project welcomes the participation of BatangueƱos, wherever in the world you may be.  If you know of a word that you are reasonably certain is used only in the Province of Batangas, first, navigate to the page of the first letter of the word you have using the alphabetical hyper-links to the right of this page.  Second, scroll down to the comments form box at the bottom of the page and submit your entry using the following format:


Part of Speech (e.g. Noun, Adj.):

English Definition (use numbers if the word has more than one meaning):

Conventional Tagalog word (meaning of the word in standard Tagalog):

(Optional) Usage; i.e. use the word in a sample sentence to give it context.

Alternatively, you may make your contribution by sending an e-mail to

Kindly consider the following when making your contribution:
  1. The owner of this web site reserves the right to reject any word submission that may seem objectionable or does not fit the objectives of this site.
  2. If you know that the word you are submitting has another meaning in another town within Batangas, please specify where the meaning of the word you are submitting is native to.
  3. If you wish to receive credit for your submission, please say so in the same form box, and include your name in the post you are making.  Please include a valid e-mail address if you wish to be contacted regarding your submission.
  4. The comments section is moderated; hence, do not feel frustrated if you do not see your submitted word right away.  The time for it to be posted depends on the volume of participation from BatangueƱos around the world.
To those who will participated, ah-ah...  Ano ga't salamat na rin la-ang!!!