Y: Salitang Batangas

Yagaryar: pronounced yah-ghar-yahr.
Verb: root, to be in hurry. Inf.: yumagaryar. Conj.: yumagaryar, was in a hurry; yumayagaryar, is in a hurry; yayagaryar, will be in a hurry.
Adv.: in a hurry. Usage: yagaryar na.
Other Tagalog: dalî.

Yagyag: pronounced yahg-yahg.
Verb: root, to be in hurry. Inf.: yumagyag. Conj.: yumagyag, was in a hurry; yumayagyag, is in a hurry; yayagyag, will be in a hurry.
Adv.: in a hurry. Usage: yagyag na.
Other Tagalog: dalî.

Yakag: pronounced yah-kahg.
Verb: root
1. to invite; to ask along. Inf: yakagin. Conj.: niyakag, invited; niyayakag, inviting; yayakagin, will invite.
2. to be invited or asked along. Inf: mayakag. Conj.: nayakag, was invited; nayayakag, is being invited; mayayakag, will be invited.
Other Tagalog: sama, imbita (approximate).

Yakyak: pronounced yahk-yahk.
Verb: root, to step on. Conj.: nayakyak, stepped on; niyayakyak, is stepping on; yayakyakin, will step on.
Adj.: nayakyak, got stepped on.
Other Tagalog: tapak.

Yamâ: pronounced yah-mâ.
1. boastfulness.
2. pride.
3. high self-esteem.
Adj.: mayamâ
Other Tagalog: yabang.

Yamas: Pronounced yah-mas
Noun: a bit of excrement that is unintentionally released when one passes gas through the anus.

Yamot: pronounced yah-moht.
Verb: root, to be irritated. Inf.: maiyamot, Conj.: naiyamot, was irritated; naiiyamot, is irritated; maiiyamot, will be irritated.
Noun: irritation.
Adj.: nakakaiyamot.
Adv.: iyamot. Usage: iyamot na sinabi, said irritatedly.
Other Tagalog: inis.

Yangit: pronounced yang-iht.
Noun: a litter of dried leaves.

Yapaw: pronounced yah-pao.
Verb: root, to be stepped on, as with the tail of an animal. Inf.: mayapaw. Conj.: nayapaw, stepped on; nayayapaw, is stepped on; mayayayapaw, will be stepped on.
Other Tagalog: tapak.

Yasang: pronounced yah-sang.
Noun: crunchiness of something, particularly food.
Adj.: mayasang, crunchy.
Other Tagalog: lutong.

Yatyat: pronounced yaht-yaht.
Noun: the cracked heels of a person who walks around frequently with feet unprotected by shoes.

Yayay: pronounced yah-yai.
Noun: a cicada.
Other Tagalog: kuliglig.