W: Salitang Batangas

Waag: pronounced wah-ahg.
1. a nothingness or emptiness.
2. a lack of something; absence.
Other Tagalog: kawalan.

Wagirwir: pronounced wah-gihr-wihr.
Verb: root, to wave, as with a banner. Conj.: winagirwir, waved; winawagirwir, waving; iwawagirwir, will wave.
Other Tagalog: wagayway.
Noun: a fan; an electric fan, as used in certain pocket communities.

Waland'yo: pronounced wah-lahn-dyoh.
Expletive: Originally shameless, but has been used to convey anything from surprise to disgust.
Other Tagalog: walastik, coined in the sixties as alternative to walanghiyâ, shameless.

Waligwig pronounced wah-lig-wig.
Verb: to sprinkle with water. Inf.: waligwig. Conj.:winaligwigan, sprinkled with water; winawaligligan, sprkingling with water; wawaligligan, will sprinkle with water.
Other Tagalog: wisik.

Warak: pronounced wah-rak.
Verb: root, to get broken, ripped or destroyed. Inf.: mawarak. Conj.: nawarak, got broken; nawawarak, getting broken; mawawarak, will get broken.
Other Tagalog: wasak, punit, basag.

Wasang: pronounced wah-sang.
1. describes the state of losing self-control because of anger, to the point one starts to make a scene.
2. extreme inebriation, to the point the person creates a scandal or makes a scene.
1. a person who loses self-control because of anger and makes a scene.
2. an extremely drunk person who creates a scandal or makes a scene.
Verb: root
1. to lose control because of anger and make a scene.
2. to become extremely drunk because of anger and make a scene.
Conj.: nagwasang, made a scene; nagwawasang, making a scene; magwawasang, will make a scene.
Other Tagalog: galit na galit, lasing na lasing.

Watas: pronounced wah-tahs.
Verb: root, to overhear. Inf.: mawatas. Conj.: nawatas, overheard; nawawatas, overhears or is overhearing; mawawatas, will overhear.
Other Tagalog: dinig (approximate), ulinig.

Wihî: pronounced wih-hî.
Verb: root, to become entangled or crooked, as with the woven strands of a cloth. Conj.: nagwihî, became crooked; nagwiwihî, is becoming crooked; magwiwihî, will become crooked. Usage: Nagwihî ang tela.
Adj.: wihî-wihî, crooked or entangled.
Other Tagalog: buhol, kulubot.

Winiklik: pronounced wih-nihk-lihk.
Noun: the hair that tends to grow around men's nipples.
* Probably slang in Batangas City and nearby localities.

Wire-wire: pronounced wih-reh-wih-reh.
Adj.: describing something as distorted or blurred, particularly with reference to vision. Usage: wire-wire ang tingin.
Other Tagalog: malabô, approximate.

Wiri: pronounced wih-rih.
Verb: to be in a state of daze, disorientation or confusion. Inf.: mawiri. Conj.: nawiri, was dazed; nawiwiri, is being dazed; mawiwiri, will be dazed.
Other Tagalog: lito, liyo, hilo.