U: Salitang Batangas

Ub-ob: pronounce oob-ob
Verb: to put one's head down, as on a table. Conj.: umub-ob, put head down; umuub-ob, putting head down; uub-ob, will put head down.
Other Tagalog: seems a variant of subsob.

Ugong: pronounced oo-gong.
Noun: (probably archaic or used only in certain localities in Batangas) thunder.
Other Tagalog: kulog.

Uhog, Uhug: pronounced oo-hohg, oo-hoog.
Noun: mucus from the nose, particularly as a result of a cold infection.
Adj.: uhugin, always with mucus running from the nose.
Other Tagalog: sipon.

Ukit: pronounced oo-kit.
Verb: root, to tease. Inf.: ukitin. Conj.: inukit, teased; inuukit, teasing; uukitin, will tease.
Other Tagalog: biro.

Ulagâ: pronounced oo-lah-gâ.
Noun: an idiot; stupid.
Other Tagalog: tanga.

Ula-ol: pronounced oo-lah-ohl.
Verb: root, to wiggle the tongue on something, as in a tongue-to-tongue kiss. Inf.: ula-ulin. Conj.: inula-ol, used the tongue; inuula-ol, using the tongue; uula-ulin, will use the tongue.

Ula-or: pronounced as oo-lah-or.
Verb: root, to jam painfully into another object, such as a toe jamming into a stone. Conj.: napaula-or, jammed; napapaula-or, is being jammed; mapapaula-or, will be jammed.
Variant: ula-oy, uraol

Ulay: pronounced oo-lai.
Noun: pinworms that cause itchiness in the rectal area when they move out of the anus to deposit their eggs. eMedicinehealth: Pinworms.

Ulbo: pronounced ool-boh.
Noun: a sty; a pigpen.
Other Tagalog: kural.

Ulinig: pronounced oo-lih-nig.
Verb: root, to over hear. Inf.: maulinig. Conj.: naulinig, overheard; nauulinig, overhears or is overhearing; mauulinig, will overhear.
Adj.: naulinigan, overheard as in a conversation.

Ulog: pronounced oo-log.
Expletive: all the more (approximate). Usage: typically used with na, ulog na.
Other Tagalog: lalô.
* Only used in certain communities, particularly to the West of Batangas.

Ulot: pronounced oo-loht.
Verb: root, start to like something, as with a job or a task. Inf.: mapa-ulot. Conj.: napa-ulot, started to like; napapa-ulot, starting to like; mapapa-ulot, will start to like.
Other Tagalog: sarap (approximate).
Noun: instigator.
Other Tagalog: ang nagsimulâ.

Ulo-ulo: pronounced oo-loh-oo-loh.
Noun: a tadpole; the aquatic larval stage of a frog. Ref: Wikipedia: tadpole.
Other Tagalog: butetê (not to be confused with buteteng-laot, the puffer fish).

Ulpot: pronounced ool-poht.
Verb root, to protrude. Inf.: umulpot. Conj.: umulpot, protruded; umuulpot, protruding; uulpot, will protrude.
Adj.: ulpot/naka-ulpot, protruding.
Other Tagalog: labas, uslî.

Ultaw: pronounced ool-tao.
Verb root, to protrude. Inf.: umultaw. Conj.: umultaw, protruded; umuultaw, protruding; uultaw, will protrude.
Adj.: ultaw/naka-ultaw, protruding.
Other Tagalog: labas, uslî.

Umay: pronounced oo-mai.
Verb: root
1. to feel cloyed about food, usually but not exclusively towards sweet foodstuffs.
2. to get tired of something.
Conj.: naumay, felt cloyed; nauumay, feeling cloyed; mauumay, will feel cloyed.
Other Tagalog: sawâ.

Umis: pronounced oo-mis
Noun: a smile. Usage: may umis sa mukhâ, smile on the face.
Verb: root, to smile. Conj.: umumis, smiled; umuumis, smiling; uumis, will smile.
Other Tagalog: ngitî

Umpok: pronounced oom-pohk.
Verb: root, to gather together, usually for gossip. Conj.: umumpok, gathered; umuumpok, gathering; uumpok, will gather.

Umpokan: pronounced oom-poh-kahn.
Noun: a gathering around of people, usually for gossip.
Other Tagalog: tsimisan.

Unaw: pronounced oo-nao.
Verb: root, to mix, as with ingredients, to set the taste of. Inf.: unawin. Conj.: inunaw, mixed; inuunaw, mixing; uunawin, will mix.
Other Tagalog: timpla.

Ungkat: pronounced oong-kaht.
Verb: root, to dig up. Inf.: ungkatin. Conj.: inungkat, dug up; inuungkat, digging up; uungkatin, will dig up.
Other Tagalog: hukay.

Unsing: pronounced oohn-sing.
Adj.: small or little. Usage: kaunsing, very small or little.
Other Tagalog: untî, liit.

Urang: pronounced oo-rahng.
Noun: branches of the gliricidia tree (madre cacao) that are used for fencing. Ref.: Kakawate.
Other Tagalog: kakawate (approximate).

Uraol: pronounced as oo-rah-ol.
Verb: root, to jam painfully into another object, such as a toe jamming into a stone. Conj.: napauraol, jammed; napapauraol, is being jammed; mapapauraol, will be jammed.
Variant: Ula-oy, ula-or.

Uris: pronounced oo-rihs.
Noun: an idiot; stupid.
Other Tagalog: tanga.

Usad: pronounced oo-sahd.
Verb: root, to move. Conj.: umusad, moved; umuusad, moving; uusad, will move.
Other Tagalog: galaw.

Usbaw: pronounced oos-bow
Noun: an extremely stupid person
Adj: extremely stupid
Other Tagalog: tanga.

Uslit: pronounced oos-liht.
Verb: root, to protrude. Inf.: umuslit. Conj.: umuslit, protruded; umuuslit, protruding; uuslit, will protrude.
Adj.: uslit/naka-uslit, protruding.
Other Tagalog: labas, uslî.

Usting: pronounced oos-ting.
Noun: idle time.
Verb: root, to pass time doing nothing; to idle. Inf.: mag-usting. Conj.: nag-usting, passed time; mag-uusting, passing time; mag-uusting, will pass time.
Other Tagalog: tungangâ.

Utas: pronounced oo-tahs.
Verb: root, to die. Conj.: nautas, died; nauutas, dying; mauutas, will die.
Adv.: used to figuratively to convey shock, surprise, laughter and other emotions. Usage: utas ako, I died.
Other Tagalog: patay.

Utay: pronounced oo-tai
Adv: little. Usage: usually, utay-utay or little by little.
Variant: utik
Other Tagalog: kauntî

Utdo: pronounced oot-doh.
Adj.: short. Usage: mautdo.
Other Tagalog: maiksî.

Utik: pronounced oo-tik
Adv: little. Usage: usually, utik-utik or little by little.
Variant: utay
Other Tagalog: kauntî

Uukan: pronounced oo-oo-khan.
Noun: a flower-shaped bread coated with sugar.
Variant: uokan.
* Used primarily in Western Batangas.

Uyaye: pronounced oo-yah-yeh.
Noun: a hammock.
Other Tagalog: duyan.