R: Salitang Batangas

Ragasâ: pronounced rah-gah-sâ.
Verb: root
1. to rush, as with water rushing.
2. to fall hard; to crash.
3. to make a loud, crashing sound.
Conj.: rumagasâ, rushed/crashed; rumaragasâ, rushing/crashing; raragasâ, will rush/crush.
Variant: ragasâ.
* Used occationally in other provinces as well.

Repinado: pronounced reh-pee-nah-doh.
Noun: white or refined sugar.

Rine: pronounced ree-neh.
Adv.: here. Variant: dine.
Other Tagalog: dito.

Riparo: pronounce ree-pah-roh.
Verb: root, to get to know. Inf: mariparo. Conj.: nariparo, got to know; naririparo, getting to know; maririparo, will get to know.
Variant: reparo.
Other Tagalog: alam.

Ripete: pronounced rih-peh-teh.
Verb: root
1. to report to, as with regards a superior.
2. to show up for.
Inf.: rumipete. Conj.: rumipete, reported; rumirepete, reporting; riripete, will report.
Other Tagalog pakita.

Rirî: pronounced rih-rî.
1. meticulousness or attention to detail.
2. fuss made over something trivial.
3. demand generally thought by other as unnecessary.
Adj.: marirî, meticulous, fussy, demanding.
Other Tagalog: mataluti, maarte (approximate).