N: Salitang Batangas

Naknak: pronounced nahk-nahk.
Noun: the pus that develops in a wound.
Other Tagalog: nanâ.
Adj.: swollen with infection.
Verb: to talk incessantly; to natter. Inf.: numaknak. Conj.: numaknak, nattered; numanaknak, nattering; nanaknak, will natter.
Variants: dakdak, ngakngak.
Other Tagalog: daldal.

Nánay: pronounced nah-nai.
1. a term used to refer to call or refer to one's grandmother, although everyone understands that the term is just as applicable to one's mother.
2. an old lady.
3. a respectful term with which to address an old lady.
Other Tagalog: Lola.

Nare: pronounced nah-reh.
Pronoun: this.
Other Tagalog: nito.

Nata: pronounced nah-tah.
Pro.: us.
Other Tagalog: provincial variant of natin.

Ngabngab: pronounced ngahb-ngahb.
Verb: root, to grab remaining food from off a container, such as a pot, with one's mouth. Inf.: ngabngabin. Conj.: nginabngab, grabbed with the mouth; nginangabngab, grabbing with the mouth; ngangabngabin, will grab with the mouth.

Ngakngak: pronounced ngahk-ngahk.
Verb: root, to natter; to talk incessantly. Conj.: ngumakngak, nattered; ngumangakngak, nattering; ngangakngak, will natter.
Variant: hakhak.
Other Tagalog: dakdak, daldal.

Ngali-ngalî: pronounced ngah-lih-nga-lî.
Adv.: almost. Usage: ngali-ngalî nang sinuntok, almost hit with a fist.
Other Tagalog: halos.

Ngalot: pronounced ngah-loht.
Verb: root, to chew on hard food. Inf.: ngalutin. Conj.: nginalot, chewed; nginangalot, chewing; ngangalutin, will chew.
Other Tagalog: nguyâ (approximate).

Ngatngat: pronounced ngaht-ngaht.
Verb: root
1. to bite or chew at something.
2. to eat away.
3. to show somebody the middle finger (Seventies slang).
Conj.: nginatngat, bitten away; nginangatngat, eating away; ngangatngatin, will eat away.
Noun: a piece of something, as with wood, that has been eaten away.

Ngimay: pronounced ngih-mai.
Verb: root, to lack feeling or sensation. Inf.: mangimay. Conj.: nangimay, lacked feeling; nangingimay, lacking feeling; mangingimay, will lack feeling.
Other Tagalog: manhid.

Ngisî: pronounced ngih-sî.
Verb: root, to grin in a lopsided, menacing or derogatory way. Inf: ngumisî. Conj.: ngumisî, grinned; ngumingisî, grinning; ngingisî, will grin.
Noun: a lopsided, menacing or derogatory grin.
Variant: ngisngis.
Other Tagalog: ngitî (approximate).

Ngulngol: pronounced ngool-ngohl.
Verb: root.
1. to complain incessantly under one's breath.
2. to grumble.
Conj.: ngumulngol, complained; ngumungulngol, complaining; ngungulngol, will complain.
Other Tagalog: maktol (approximate).

Nilábon: pronounced nee-lah-bon
Adj.: boiled, as with egg.
Other Tagalog: nilagâ.