M: Salitang Batangas

Maas: pronounced mah-as.
Adj.: stupid.
Noun: a stupid person.
Other Tagalog: tanga.

Maapol: pronounced mah-ah-pol
Adj.: pertaining to somebody who is over eager or frantic over something.
Other Tagalog: atat.

Mabanas: pronounced mah-bah-nas
Adj: hot, but pertaining to the weather.
Other Tagalog: mainit.

Magantanda: pronounced mah-gahn-tahn-dah.
Verb: (archaic) to make the sign of the cross.
Other Tagalog: mangurus.

Malagawlaw: pronounced mah-lah-gao-lao.
Adj.: in a rush and noisy, as in the water in a river or creek.

Malag: pronounced mah-lag.
Adj.: stupid.
Noun: a stupid person.
Other Tagalog: tanga.

Mamay: mah-mai.
Noun: a grandfather; an elderly gentleman.
Other Tagalog: lolo.

Manaog: pronounced mah-nah-ohg.
Verb: root, to come down. Inf.: manaog. Conj.: nanaog, came down; nananaog, coming down; mananaog, will come down.
Other Tagalog: babâ.

Mangol: pronounced mah-ngohl.
Verb: root, to complain; to groan about something. Inf.: magmangol. Conj.: nagmangol, groaned; nagmamangol, groaning; magmamangol, will groan.
Other Tagalog: maktol.
1. a ghost.
Other Tagalog: mumô, multo.
2. a speech impediment.

Mang-uumit: pronounced mahng-oo-oo-mit.
Noun: (archaic, appears to have been used in western Batangas) a thief.
Other Tagalog: magnanakaw.

Ma-oy: pronounced ma-oy.
Noun: a rowdy drunk.
Other Tagalog: lasing na nagwawalâ.
* Seems used more commonly in Western Batangas.

Marakulyo: pronounced mah-rah-kool-yo.
Verb: root, to throw a tantrum. Conj.: nagmarakulyo, threw a tantrum; nagmamarakulyo, throwing a tantrum; magmamarakulyo, will throw a tantrum.
Noun: a fit of a bad temper; tantrum.
Other Tagalog: alboruto.

Masagal: pronounced mah-sah-gahl.
Adj. or Adv.: slow. (Supposedly used in the Taal area.)
Other Tagalog: mabagal, makupad.

Masiwal: pronounced mah-sih-wahl.
Adj.: characterizing a state of being disorderly or disorganized.
Other Tagalog: magulo.

Mayukmok: pronounced mah-yook-mohk.
Verb: root, to make a snack with ground cassava or green bananas. Inf.: mayukmukin. Conj. minayukmok, made snack; minamayukmok, making snack; mamayukmokin, will make snack.
Noun: a snack made with ground cassava or green bananas.
Other Tagalog: lupak.

Mihâ: pronounced mee-hâ.
Noun: an idiot; stupid.
Other Tagalog: tanga.
Adj.: mimihâ-mihâ.
1. lacking in energy.
2. describing a person who is frail or lacking in athleticism.
Other Tagalog: malambot.

Mual: pronounced moo-ahl.
Adv.: describing the manner of eating by stuffing too much food into one's mouth.

Mulamor: pronounced moo-lah-mohr.
Verb: root, to look. Inf.: mulamurin. Conj.: minulamor, looked; minumulamor, looking; mumulamurin, will look at.
Noun: the way someone or something looks.
Other Tagalog: tingin.

Mulay: pronounced moo-lai.
Noun: a change of coins.
Other Tagalog: barya.

Mumo: pronounced moo-moh.
Noun: morsels of food that litter the table after a meal.