D: Salitang Batangas

Dag-as: pronounced dahg-as.
Noun: a messenger, frequently used to refer to somebody who brings bad news such as a death.

Dagasâ: pronounced dah-gah-sâ.
Verb: root
1. to rush, as with water rushing.
2. to fall hard; to crash.
3. to make a loud, crashing sound.
Inf.: dumagasà. Conj.: dumagasâ, rushed/crashed; dumadagasâ, rushing/crashing; dadagasâ, will rush/crush.
Variant: ragasâ.
* Used occationally in other provinces as well.

Dag-im: pronounced dahg-im.
Noun: dark, rain-threatening clouds in the sky.

Dag-is: pronounced dahg-is.
Verb: root
1. to groan.
2. to push out of the body using the muscles of the torso.
Inf.: dumag-is. Conj.: dumag-is, pushed; dumadag-is, pushing; dadag-is, will push.
Other Tagalog: iri.

Dagisdis: pronounced dah-gihs-dihs.
Verb: root, to hasten; to go in a hurry. Inf.: dumagisdis. Conj.: dumagisdis, hastened; dumadagisdis, hurries, is hurrying; dadagisdis, will hurry.
Adv.: pangdagisdis/pandagisdis, describing haste in the act of going.
Other Tagalog: bilis, madalî.

Dagos: pronounced dah-gohs.
Verb: root, to hurry. Inf.: dumagos. Conj.: dumagos, hurried; dumadagos, hurrying; dadagos, will hurry.
Other Tagalog: madalî.

Dahilig: pronounced dah-hee-lihg.
Noun: a downhill slope or hill.

Dahuyhoy: pronounced dah-hooi-hoi.
Verb: root, to cry out in pain. Inf.: dumahuyhoy. Conj.: dumahuyhoy, cried; dumadahuyhoy, crying; dadahuhoy, will cry.
Other Tagalog: daing (approximate).

Dais: pronounced as dah-is.
Verb: root, to come closer Inf.: dumais. Conj.: dumais, came closer; dumadamis, coming closer; dadais, will come closer.
Other Tagalog: lapit.

Dalas: pronounced dah-lahs.
Verb: root
1. to do something more frequently.
2. to hurry.
Inf.: dumalas. Conj.: dinalasan, did more frequently/hurried; dinadalasan, does more frequently; hurries; dadalasan, will do more frequently/will hurry.
Adv.: pangdalas/pandalas, in a hurry; madalas, frequently.
Other Tagalog: limit, bilis.

Dali: pronounced dah-li.
1. to finally do something. Usage: dinali ko na.
2. to get in return for a earlier action. Usage: nadali niya.
3. to get into a fight with.
4. to do something to.
5. to have sex with (slang).
Inf.: dalihin. Conj: dinali, did something to; dinadali, doing something to; dadalihin, will do something to.
Inf.: madali. Conj.: nadali, got in return; nadadali, getting in return; madadali, will get in return.
Variant: dale, pronounced dah-leh.
Other Tagalog: gawâ, tanggap, away, hindot.

Dalisdis: pronounced dah-lis-dis.
Noun: a downhill slope.

Damukal: pronounced dah-moo-kahl.
1. a heap.
2. a large amount of something.

Damusak: pronounced dah-moo-sak
Verb: root, to make a mess of. Inf.: magdamusak. Conj.: nagdamusak, made a mess; magdadamusak, making a mess; magdadamusak, will make a mess.
Adj.: messy, dirty.
Other Tagalog: dumi.

Danggit: pronounced dahng-ghit.
Verb: root, to snatch or grab. Inf: danggitin. Conj.: dinanggit, snatched; dinadanggit, snatching; dadanggitin, will snatch.
Other Tagalog: huli.

Dausdos: pronounced dah-oos-dohs.
Verb: root, to slide down. Inf.: dumausdos. Conj.: dumausdos, slid; dumadausdos, sliding; dadausdos, will slide.

Dawdaw: pronounced dao-dao.
Verb: root
1. to dip the fingers into water or anything liquid.
2. to play with water or anything liquid.
3. to meddle or interfere with matters not concerning oneself. Other Tagalog: kawkaw.
Inf.: dumawdaw. Conj.: dumawdaw, dipped the fingers; dumadawdaw, dipping the fingers; dadawdaw, will dip the fingers.

Dighay: pronounced dig-hai.
Verb: root, to burp. Inf.: dumighay. Conj.: dumighay, burped; dumidighay, burping; didighay, will burp.
Other Tagalog: dighal.

Dine: pronounced dee-neh.
Adv.: here. Variant: rine.
Other Tagalog: dito.

Dis-dis: pronounced dihs-dihs.
Verb: root, to hurry. Inf.: mangdis-dis. Conj.: nangdis-dis, hurried; nagdidis-dis, hurrying; magdidis-dis, will hurry.
Adv.: pangdis-dis.
Other Tagalog: bilis.

Dukal: pronounced doo-kahl.
Verb: root, to dig. Inf.: dukalin/magdukal. Conj.: dinukal/nagdukal, dug; dinudukal/nagdudukal, digging; dudukalin/magdudukal, will dig.
Other Tagalog: hukay.

Dukwang: pronounced dook-wang.
Verb: root, to reach for something. Root: dukwangin. Conj.: dinukwang, reached; dinudukwang, reaching; dudukwangin, will reach.
Other Tagalog: abot.

Dulos: pronounced doo-lohs.
Noun: a gardening implement used to hold down a reed or grass and is used in tandem with a scythe.

Dungo: pronounced doo-ngoh.
Noun: a coward; somebody lacking in bravery.
Other Tagalog: duwag.

Dupang: pronounced doo-pahng.
Adj.: greedy; having the need to get everything for oneself.
Noun: a greedy person.
Alt.:  duhapang.
Other Tagalog: gahaman.

Dupilas: prounounced doo-pih-lahs.
Verb: root
1. to skid or slip on a slippery surface. Inf.: madupilas. Conj.: nadupilas, skidded; nadudupilas, skidding; madudupilas, will skid.
2. to slide along a surface. Inf.: dumupilas. Conj.: dumupilas, slid; dumudupilas, sliding; dudupilas, will slide.
Other Tagalog: dulas.

Dusong: pronounced doo-song.
Noun: a coward; somebody lacking in bravery.
Other Tagalog: duwag.

Dutdot: pronounced doot-doht.
Verb: root, to poke at with a finger. Inf.: dutdotin. Conj.: dinutdot, poked at; dinudutdot, poking at; dudutdutin, will poke at.
Other Tagalog: sundot (approximate).